MI2 DataLab

MI² is a group of mathematicians and computer scientists that love to play with data.

We are spread between Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw.

Data Lab is our creative space.

Here we are forging new ideas, creating tools, solving problems, doing consulting and sharing our positive attitude.


Przemysław Biecek

Artificial Intelligence, PhD, Principal Data Scientist @ Samsung R&D Poland

Anna Wróblewska

Text and Image Processing, PhD, Senior Data Scientist @ Applica.ai

Tomasz Mikołajczyk

Data Science, PhD

Michał Burdukiewicz

Bioinformatics, PhD

Alicja Gosiewska

Explainable artificial intelligence, Auto machine learning, PhD student

Hubert Baniecki

Interactive machine learning explainers, BS student

Katarzyna Kobylińska

Biostatistics, PhD student

Maciej Masiak

Applications, PhD student

Mateusz Staniak

Automated exploratory data analysis, Interpretable machine learning, PhD student

Michal Kuźba

Chatbots for interpretable machine learning, master’s student

Tomasz Stanisławek

Text and Image Processing, PhD student

Recent Talks



  • Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszawa